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604 S. Maryland Street
Monday-Friday 10am-4pm
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Our Primary focus is servicing our food distributors!!

All of our products are baked with food distribution in mind. When stored and shipped between -20 and 0 degrees fahrenheit our products will remain fresh and intact throughout food distribution supply chains. As can be seen on the map, our distributors have retailers spread all throughout the area who are extremely happy with our ability to manufacture products that fill the niche for high-quality, ready-to-serve, grab-and-go treats! If you are a food distributor or retailer, adding our products to your lineup will increase sales volumes and add diversity and quality to your offerings. Give us a call or email us and we will be glad to speak with you about distributing our products.


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Thank you for considering Biti Pies, Inc., for your fundraising needs! We have a very fun, exciting, and especially convenient way for your organization to meet its fundraising goals! Here's how it works:

1. You tell Biti Pies, Inc., how many members will be participating in your fundraiser.

2. Within three business days, you receive the proper number of fundraising packets from Biti Pies, Inc.

3. Distribute the packets to the participating members and encourage them to solicit their friends, family, and neighbors to support your organization. Be sure to clarify the deadline with participating members.

4. Your participating members collect orders and payment for 4-Packs and 8-Packs of Biti Pies and Cakes during the allotted time frame (We suggest 14 days in most cases).

5. You gather order forms and payment from your participating members. Call us at 806-367-6413 and we will come collect your order forms and provide an estimated time frame for delivery based on order quantity. (Days in most cases, but NEVER more than two weeks).

6. We deliver the pies and cakes to you packaged and ready to be delivered to your supporters as quickly as possible.

7. You pay us "Fundraiser Pricing" and keep all the profit for your organization. There is absolutely no initial investment by your organization!


1. Your organization has 25 participating members. Each member makes 5 sales (very conservative). $500.00 Profit!!

However, we here at Biti Pies know from experience that our products generally sell with much more ease than the above example. Therefore, the following is a much more realistic, but still very conservative, example:

2. You give your members 14 days to sell (suggested). Those same 25 members average one sale per day, 14 sales. You're looking at $1,400.00 for your group needs. ASK US ABOUT SALES-BOOSTING INCENTIVES FOR YOUR MEMBERS!!

Contact Us for more details and get started today!