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Our pies are the real deal.

Itty Bitis are our delightful little single-serving pies and cakes that are convenient and shippable. These products are made using our same fantastic recipe, but are sealed and packed so that they can easily be distributed and shipped. Please enjoy our Itty Biti pies. Itty Biti Pies are fantastic to eat straight out of the freezer. It is like eating the best ice cream sandwich in your life!


We recommend reheating in an oven for maximum flavor and fresh-baked texture (325°F for approximately 7 minutes).

Can be eaten frozen (the buttermilk is especially good frozen).

Shelf Life:

Shelf life for an Itty Bitti Pie is 6 months frozen, 30 days refrigerated, or 10 days dry.

Pecan Pie

Our perfectly baked pecan pie boasts farm-grown pecans in every bite. Once you sink your teeth into these flaky crusts and perfect fillings, you will be instantly transported to your favorite childhood culinary memory!

Nutritional Information

Buttermilk Pie

These flaky, golden-brown crusts are filled to the brim with a sweet, creamy filling just like mom and grandma used to make. The perfect amount of sweet to satisfy even the most judgmental of desserteurs.

Nutritional Information

Serve in a packed lunch.


Serve plated for an elegant dessert.


Serve as a gift.