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Biti Pies were born in a little house on the prairie about six miles north of Sundown, Texas in the 1980’s.

Biti Pies were born in a little house on the prairie about six miles north of Sundown, Texas in the 1980’s. Living in an area where tumbleweeds outnumbered playmates was tough, so we had to make our own fun. And in our house, baking pies was Mom’s favorite past time.

The youngest member of our family, known as the Little Biti Girl, or Biti, loved to help out in the kitchen. She would eagerly watch Mom cook and try to get her tiny hands on anything she could. Biti’s eyes lit up when it was time to make pies. Mom worked the dough, adding equal amounts of shortening and love. She carefully rolled out the crust and gave the leftover pieces to Biti. Biti would pat out her own little ball of crust, trying to imitate every move Mom made. When the golden, flaky pies came out of the oven, Biti beamed with pride! Her “Biti” pies were stacked neatly right next to Mom’s. Whenever Mom was making pies, the family knew to expect a little Biti pie too.

Mom would make a batch of Biti pies, load the kids up in the pickup, and take the pies to a convenience store in the closest town. After being paid for the pies, they’d visit the grocery store to gather the next day’s baking supplies and groceries for the family dinner table.

While the pies were small, the demand was big. By 2006, the popularity of the bite-sized treats had outgrown our back-room pie kitchen, so we moved the operation to Amarillo, Texas where you can find the bigger Biti Pie bakery today.

There is something special about our miniature version of these favorite treats. They seem somehow sweeter and more personalized, because they were made just for you and that’s what we try to capture in every batch. When the smell of pie fills the bakery, we are flooded with memories of that little house on the prairie where Biti played in the kitchen. We hope that when you bite into a Biti Pie, you are transported to a place in your past filled with warm memories as well. In our family, our recipes are family heirlooms worthy of being passed on to the next generation; we hope you’ll pass our pies on to your family as well.