Homemade Freshness
Delivered to You

These Biti Pies are made from scratch using our time-tested recipes. Enjoy these pies fresh or frozen.  They can even be reheated for that out-of-the-oven experience.


Scratch Made Pies
at a Store Near You

What, you say? One of the top ten desserts in Texas is available at a corner store near me!?

Exactly right! Be on the lookout for Biti Pies near you, we are expanding our distribution constantly.  Our products are available in many parts of the country!


Biti Pie Flavors

Texans know pecans, and our Pecan Pie was recently voted one of the top ten in the state.  That’s not all, our rich Buttermilk Pie is a southern gem! We can ship our pies straight to your door!  You can also grab one of our handmade specialties in many convenience stores throughout the country!


Biti Pie Flavors

Although our Biti Pecan Pie was recently voted in the top ten pecan pies in Texas, don’t forget to try all of our delicious flavors! We can ship our Itty Biti Pies straight to your door, or you can swing by our bakery and pick up any of our products. You can also grab one of our Itty Biti specialties in many convenience stores.


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