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Itty Biti Red Velvet Cake
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Pecan Itty Biti Pies
Perfectly Chocolate Cake
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Chocolate Pecan Itty Bitis

Biti Pies! of Amarillo, TX

A Perfectly Unique Gift for Holidays, Birthdays and other Special Occasions.

Biti Pies makes mini pies and cakes that are perfect and unique gifts for your loved ones. We ship all over the country, so you don't have to be down the road from our Amarillo bakery to enjoy our sweets! We've been making Biti Pies since the mid 80's and we're thrilled to have grown into a position to distribute our Biti Pies all over Texas! We're eager to expand further, so get in touch if you love our Biti Pies and want to carry them in your shop.

Order Biti Pies Online

Going a step further, we've made it easy for you to place your Biti Pie orders online.